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About Us

HARCO Manufacturing Co., Inc. is the exclusive manufacturer of HAPCO trademark exhaust silencers and supporting products. HAPCO heavy-duty commercial silencers are designed for peak exhaust noise attenuation performance on a variety of industrial, stationary and marine applications.

HARCO was founded in 1948 by Frank N. Harris, Sr. for the purpose of manufacturing Air Pre Cleaners for Ford Motor Company to be used on agricultural tractors and Oil Bath Air Cleaners for use on logging, construction and agricultural equipment.

In 1951 HARCO Manufacturing developed the Exhaust Spark Arrestor for use on internal combustion engines. In order to test and develop this new product HARCO developed it's own air flow machine and established corresponding testing equipment objectives, procedures and parameters for measuring design effectiveness and performance. The U.S. Department of Agriculture created and established their own USDA test standards and testing equipment based largely on the groundwork done by HARCO and other like-minded parties. Frank N. Harris, Sr. served as an integral member of the committee that helped the USDA develop the testing standards that are still in use today. HARCO Manufacturing still leads the industry in Spark Arrestor technology and remains the only manufacturer to offer an externally mounted Locomotive Spark Arrestor that is USDA qualified. In time the Spark Arrestor line was expanded to encompass spark-arresting systems for electromotive engines and exhaust silencers with built in spark arrestors to accomplish both sound attenuation and spark arresting performance.

In addition to a full line of Residential through Super Critical Grade engine exhaust silencers, spark arrestors, spark arresting silencers and supporting products HARCO developed and patented the first low profile or "Hockey Puck" style engine exhaust silencers. The low profile series takes advantage of peak sound attenuating performance in a compact package to provide a viable solution where space constraints are a major concern.

HARCO Manufacturing was the first to introduce the low profile catalyst exhaust silencer, the SFH-F series, with filters mounted inside the silencer itself, again taking full advantage of overall reduced package size and responding to a currently emerging need in the marketplace for reduced emission products.

Other products of interest both past and present include: Water Jacketed Heat Exchangers for heating of paint or water, Water/Fuel Separators and Oil/Water Separators; 60,000 BTU multi-fuel space heater; Silencers for steam venting, natural gas blow down, natural gas burners and furnace applications; Boiler vent stack applications; Marine grade silencers; Silencers for gas turbines.

Historical HARCO trademarks include innovation, customer service and premium quality in both construction and performance. HAPCO products are made to last.

HAPCO is a product designator and a division of HARCO Manufacturing Company, Inc.

Second generation owned and operated family business bringing over 58 years of experience for you and your customers