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Insulated Exhaust Pipe Wall/Roof Thimbles

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If you have a 6.5”O.D. pipe - you need # 470600 (4 denotes pipe- 600 denotes 6.5”O.D.)

If you have a 6”O.D. pipe - you need # 570600 (5 denotes tube- 600 denotes 6”O.D.)

Recommended Applications:

HAPCO Insulated exhaust roof and wall thimbles are recommended for use with exhaust pipes that must pass through a structure. The thimbles prevent exhaust pipe heat from being transmitted to the combustible material.

• insulated exhaust roof and wall thimbles are triple wall ALL STAINLESS STEEL TYPE 304 CONSTRUCTION
• Ventilation holes are located on each end to provide air cooling
• Screening is used on outlet end to prevent birds, rodents etc. from entering
• 24” is standard length, for longer requirements multiply list price X 4% for each additional inch
• Roofs with: Pitch 1-12 to 3-12 add $60.00 Pitch 4-12 and 5-12 add $70.00 Pitch 6-12 and up add $86.00

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