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Residential Grade - RFH Series Low Profile Dual Inlet

Residential Grade - RFH Series Low Profile Dual Inlet

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Part Number:37
Recommended Applications:
• Engine generator exhaust system for attenuated enclosures
• Marine engine exhaust system
• ISO containers for emergency power
• Military exhaust system
• Generator exhaust system in buildings with low overhead such as parking lot facilities
• Waste water plants
• Attenuation 18-30 dBA
• Dual inlet - low profile design
• Low back pressure
• Insulated top for low radiant heat
• Versatile optional inlets and outlets
• 3" and larger flanged
• Condensation drain included
• All welded steel or stainless steel construction
• Note (G) dimension determined by engine exhaust dimension
• Threaded flush mounted flanges
• Optional rectangular outlets for additional space savings
• Flexible Connectors
• Hanger Brackets
• Mounting Bands
• Gaskets Hi-Temp
• Nuts & Bolts
• Wye Connectors
• Wall & Roof Thimbles
• High Temp Exhaust Blankets
• Support Legs for Vertical Mounting
• Rain Caps
• Exhaust Pipe Spools
• Backfire Relief Vents
• Flanges of all types
• Clean outs or Inspection Ports

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