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VRS Series Exhaust Silencers Side-In Side-Out

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• Hospitals
• Ships, Tug and Fishing Boats
• Waste Water Plants
• Schools
• High Tech Industries
• And other environmental impact areas

• Attenuation 19-32 dBA
• The rotation of exhaust gas allows for a clean transition through the silencer with limited pressure loss
• This type of design allows for a change in the noise frequency to a higher band, the results are a much simpler sound to attenuate
• This is accomplished by the absorbing and annulling of the noise by a series of chambers with acoustical packing.
• The multi-chambered design also allows us to attenuate the lower frequency bands present in the exhaust
• A side branch designed chamber provides the last step to de-energize the noise
• Hanger brackets and condensation drain included
• Exhaust gases flow through the silencer in a vortex motion and noise reduction is accomplished by a combination of absorption & annulling of noise waves resulting in reduced silencer diameters
• Sound data is based on Flow Velocity Not To Exceed 9000 FPM, see engineering section chart
• Standard heavy duty all welded steel construction with high temperature primer and black paint
• Optional stainless steel construction or zinc based high heat and high corrosion resistant paint

• Mounting Bands
• Hanger Brackets
• Wye Connectors
• Wall and Roof Thimbles
• High Temp Exhaust Blankets
• Support Legs for Vertical Mounting
• Rain Caps
• Exhaust Pipe Spools
• Backfire Relief Vents
• Flanges of all types
• Clean Outs or Inspection Ports
• Gaskets - Hi Temp
• Nuts & Bolts

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